Ultrathon in medical Artificial Intelligence

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We are now at stage-1.5

Eight projects are now registered in the Project Pool: see the announcement below. Sign up to the mailing list to be notified when applications open.

❉NEW! Project Pool

project pool

We are very happy to announce the full registration of eight exceptional projects into the Project Pool for this event.

The project descriptions are hosted on Github and may be accessed from any Project Pool link or by clicking on the image to the left.

Each project is described by a Medical AI Datasheet (MAIDS). Clicking a project below will take you to the website for the project's MAIDS description. Please visit and bookmark the Project Pool for general information on the projects or on the concepts behind MAIDS.

We are designing the Ultrathon as a 6-week long competitive hackathon addressing important medical AI questions from real clinical environments. The Ultrathon will be fully virtual and attached to the CBC conference. The Ultrathon is sponsored by PERSIMUNE, while the CBC and Ultrathon prizes are graciously sponsored by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and jointly organized.


  • data owner – register your dataset in the project pool (applications closed)

  • lead participant – take charge of analyzing one project; supplement your skill gaps and pick up to three supporting participants to join your team. We are looking for analytically minded applicants who are comfortable working with data science tools.

  • supporting participant – help the lead participant achieve their goal using your skills and knowledge. We are looking for diverse skill sets in the medical, analytical, or related fields.

Both lead and supporting participants are required to apply. Applicants wanting to lead a project team need to submit their CVs and presolutions to two of the projects in the Project Pool, above. Applicants only wanting to play a supportive role should submit their CVs along with a brief introduction/description of themselves. All applicants will be considered for supporting roles regardless of whether or not they are selected to lead one of the six projects.

A link to the application form will be placed on this webpage. Sign up to the mailing list if you want to be notified.

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